Frequently Asked Questions:


Q- What are your business hours?

A- I'm open M-F 10-4 mtn. (excluding holidays).



Q-How do I open/download my files?

A- After your purchase, you are sent 2 emails. One email is a general receipt of your purchase. The second email contains your download links. Save these emails, as they are the only way for you to access these links.



Q-How do I open my ZIP file?

A- Your ZIP file will be in "downloads" on your computer. Double clip the ZIP file and it will open up a separate folder which will contain the digital file (in multiple formats), a sample photo of the design, a pdf of the design and steps, and a general informational pdf (which is encouraged to be read before making any of the designs.)



Q-I sent you an email, when will I hear back?

A- Please allow 24-48 hours for all replies. (excludes holidays and weekends)



Q-Do you take custom design requests?

A- Yes. There's no guarantee that all requests will be made into designs, or when they would be completed.

Requests can be made through the FB group as a comment, or sent in through the "contact" section on the website.



Q- I already purchased this design, can I get a refund?

A- I'm not able to offer a refund, but I can send you another design of the same value.



Q- Do you have a FB group?

A- Yes I do.




Q- Can I follow you on Instagram?

A- Yes. @stitchndesigns

(You'll see more than just my designs there).